The Heat is On.

Sunday Nov 19th, 2017



Was out showing houses this afternoon in Mississauga. 

On the way home it started to snow just a tiny bit. It didn't last for long.

The Santa Clause parade was today.

There are some great deals out there for Christmas shoppers ( at least it looks like it).

The number of houses sold has been declining - the price of houses is still increasing. For stats on specifice areas, just shoot me an email, and I will get the information to you.

Sellers at this time of the year have an advantage over the spring time sellers, in that they face less competetion on the market. From a buyers perspective it is a great time of year as sellers are ready to sell.

If they are selling to just test the market, they better have another conversation with their agent, a serious conversation. 

This is some great information on home heating, from David Ash of DASH Home Property Inspection Services.

Thanks for reading, talk soon.





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