Are you trying to sell me something? Well, actually I am not.

Friday Dec 22nd, 2017


The following is written by Seth Godin. You may or not have heard of Seth.  I enjoy reading Seth's blog, I like what he writes about. Maybe it is because he is my age, maybe it is because of his business experience, or maybe it is just because I think Seth "Gets it". I know I am bias, but I like this latest writing of Seth's. I have made my comments in blue ( for what they are worth).


"Are you trying to sell me something?"

For a culture that spends so much time and money buying things, you'd think we'd be more excited when someone tries to sell us something.

Yes, personally I cannot keep up with all the new stuff available. I am as guilty as the next person of being taken in by advertising, especially when it is online. It is so easy to buy stuff!

But we're not.

Maybe it is because we really do not like having to deal with a real live person?

The semantics are important here. What we really mean is, "are you trying to selfishly persuade me to buy something that will benefit you more than it benefits me?"

This reminds me of Time Share Sales, Self Help Gurus and Life Coaches, Politicians and Mutual Fund sales-sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.

We're goal-directed, risk-averse and self-focused. We don't care about the salesperson's commission, of course. We care about our own resources. You bet Seth, it is our money, our decision and what the heck does that person know anyhow?

The magic happens when the goals are aligned, when the service component of sales kicks in, when long-term satisfaction exceeds short-term urgency.

Now you are talking Seth, this is where I come in, goals that are aligned(getting you the right house, selling your house for the most money possible) I am not a great salesman, but I can beat anyone on service, negotiating and long term customer satisfaction. 

When someone acts in a way that says, "can I help you buy something?"(insert house)or, "can I help you achieve your goals?(insert real estate) " then we're on our way. And of course, it's the doing, not the saying that matters the most.

Yep. it is the doing. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

My next blog is going to be about how we will able to buy houses completely online(will almost completely)

Thank you for ready.







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